Jiutian coal slime dryer site in Shouyang

The new coal slime dryer production line built by our company in Shouyang has been installed and officially put into operation.


The installation of a coal slime dryer is a relatively complex process, and it is necessary to ensure that the equipment can operate safely and stably. The following are the general steps for installing a slime dryer:

1. Site preparation: Choose a flat, solid site and ensure there is enough space to accommodate equipment and operators. At the same time, ensure that the installation location complies with the equipment's specifications and manufacturer's requirements.

2. Infrastructure construction: Carry out foundation construction on the site according to equipment specifications and manufacturer requirements. This usually includes work such as digging a foundation pit and pouring a concrete foundation. Make sure the foundation is of good quality and free of debris, cracks, etc., and deal with uneven ground.

3. Equipment transportation and installation: The coal slime dryer is transported from the manufacturer to the site, and the equipment is installed by professional technicians. During this process, attention needs to be paid to the correct connection of pipelines, electrical lines, and debugging of relevant parameters.

4. Power supply: Configure the corresponding power supply system according to the equipment requirements, such as power supply, transmission device, etc. Ensuring a stable and reliable power source is very important for the normal operation of equipment.

5. Trial operation and tuning: After completing all installation work, conduct a trial run and tune the equipment. By adjusting parameters, checking equipment operation and solving potential problems, we ensure that the coal slime dryer can be produced according to quality and on time.


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