Organic Fertilizer Production Line

  • Capacity: 1-40 t/h
  • Heat source: Biomass, natural gas, propane, diesel, coal, etc.

[ Application ]: Widely used for drying Chicken manure, cow dung, and other poultry manure, straw and other agricultural wastes, biogas residue, kitchen garbage.


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With the rapid development of intensive farms, livestock and poultry manure, agricultural waste, food, and kitchen waste have become increasingly serious environmental pollution. But these materials are valuable resources for the production of feed and fertilizers. If they can be developed and used, this is essential for developing animal husbandry and crop production, saving food, and helping increase agricultural production and income.

Jiutian has developed a complete set of equipment for the production line of organic fertilizer, a rapid fermentation, drying, granulation, and mixing of animal waste and various waste residue agricultural, food, kitchen, and other materials. This is complete equipment from raw material collection to finished product packaging.

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Technological Process:

1.Fermentation Process: The initial stage of the production line is organic matter fermentation. During the preparation stage, the compost will be fed into the mixer to be tumbling action and mixed, in order to further increasing efficiency of the fermentation speed.

2.Crushing Process: During this process, through the crusher crushing the compost block, be ready for the pelleting process, If the efficiency compost fermentation is good, without lumps, this step can be omitted.

3.Quantitative composition process: If you need to add many kinds of material in the processing. In order to improve the processing efficiency and the exact proportion of the ingredients in the processing. You can use the automatic batching system. The system contains a number of quantitative belt scales. On the other hand, if the production is pure organic fertilizer, this step can be omitted.

4.Pelleting process: Disc pellet mill (also named rotary drum pellet mill) is widely used in fertilizer granulation. As the core step of the production line, our equipment can automatical sieving the most suitable shape of the pellets according to our customer’s demand. After the granulation of fertilizer, it can be keep the release of fertility, greatly slowing the number of artificial fertilization.

5.Drying process: In order to reshape the pellet shape and better storage. The humidity of the fertilizer should no more than 14%. The rotary drum dryer is widely used for drying fertilizer pellets.

6.Cooling process: In order to increase the hardness of fertilizer pellets. We need cooling the fertilizer pellets after drying it. The Roller cooling machine can be satisfied with this demand.

7.Screening process: Through the drum screen sieve machine to sieving the moderate size pellets. The too small or too large size of fertilizer pellets will be re-crushed and re-granulation.

8.Coating process: Use the roller coating machine to carry on the coating to the fertilizer granule. In order to prevent the particle adhesion.

9.Packing process: Packing process as the end stage of the whole plant. Generally, the automatic packing machine is more efficiency into bags for sale.

10.Dust collector system: The ash and dust will be collected from the whole production line.

11.Associated Equipment: Such as the belt conveyor and bucket elevator, etc.


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Model Chicken manure(m³/hour) Cow manure(m³/hour) Total power (kw) Energy consumption(Standard coal)(kg)
JTFG1212 1-2 2-3 22-30 150
JTFG1412 2-4 3-5 26-40 150
JTFG1615 3-6 5-7 35-50 140
JTFG1916 6-8 8-10 40-60 140
JTFG2012/3 12-20 15-25 65-80 125
JTFG2512/3 25-30 30-40 90-120 125


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Organic Fertilizer Production Line Working Principle Organic Fertilizer Production Line Working Principle


The equipment is suitable for a variety of materials,Welcome to consult customer service at any time, we will customize the equipment according to your needs.

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