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Hunan Sand Drying Production Line

  • Location:Hunan
  • Area:10m*24m

Shandong Xintai Coal Slime Steam Drying Line

  • Location:Shandon
  • Area:15m*40m

India Cocopeat Dryer Site

  • Location:India
  • Area:22m*32m

Coted D'Ivoire Manure Fertilizer Drying Pellet Plant

  • Location:Coted D'Ivoire
  • Area:16m*34m

Vietnam Spent Yeast Dryer Site

  • Location:Vietnam
  • Area:4m*6m

Nigeria Brewer's Grain Spent Drying Line

  • Location:Nigeria
  • Area:10m*24m



Zhengzhou Jiutian Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise with 200 employees committed to enhancing clients productively, profitability, and safety. Jiutian has developed more than 200 patented products for the drying machine.

Jiutian Machinery is a professional rotary dryer supplier. Mainly include rotary steam tube Dryer, biomass dryer, coal dryer, sawdust dryer, spent grain dryer, ddgs dreyr, sludge dryer, manure dryer, cocopeat dryer, and related wood shaving machine, pellet machine, dehydration machine, carbonization furnace, etc.



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