Drum Dryer

  • Capacity: 20-120kg/h
  • Heat source: Biomass, natural gas, propane, diesel, coal, etc.

[ Application ]: Suitable for beer yeast drying, comprehensive development and utilization of high-quality feed to improve the economic value of brewer's yeast


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Introduction Of Drum Dryer:

Drum dryer is a patented product of Jiutian Machinery. It complements the shortcomings of rotary dryers and mesh belt dryers. It is an internal heating conduction type rotary drying equipment. During the drying process, the heating medium is passed into the drum, and the material forms a layer of film on the surface of the drum through the rotating drum, and the heat is transferred from the inner wall of the drum to the outer wall of the drum. , and then passed to the material film, the liquid phase material or strip material attached to the outer wall of the drum is dried to remove moisture and reach the required moisture content, which can be operated continuously.

The drum dryer is mainly used for drying liquid materials, strip materials, paste materials and viscous materials. The cooling medium is passed into the drum, which can be used as a drum flaking machine for cooling molten materials. Crystallization.

The Structure Of The Drum Dryer:

1. The drum dryer is mainly composed of a drum, including a cylinder body, an end cover, an end shaft and bearings; a film distribution device, including a trough, a splasher or agitator, and a film thickness controller; a scraping device , including scraper, support frame and pressure regulator, etc.; transmission device, including reducer, motor, etc.; air intake and condensate drainage device for heating medium; and product conveying device.

2. Drum dryers are divided into single-drum dryers, double-drum dryers, and multi-drum dryers. The double-drum dryers can be divided into double-drum and opposite-drum dryers according to the rotation direction and feeding method of the two strands. According to the different characteristics of materials, the drum dryer can be divided into two types: normal pressure type and vacuum type.

3. The drum is driven by a transmission device, generally at 2-10r/min. From cloth film to drying and unloading, it can generally be completed within 5-30s. The heating medium usually uses 0.2-0.6MPa water vapor, and its temperature is 120-150°C.


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Model Capacity (kg/h) Drum Size (mm) Drum Rotation Rate( r/min) Steam Working Pressure (Mpa) Total Power (kw) Steam Consumption (kg/h)
JHD1500×2000 30-40 Φ1500×2000 4-8 ≤0.3 6.97 240-280
JHD1500×2350 40-60 Φ1500×2350 9.37 282-330
JHD2000×2500 50-80 Φ2000×2500 13.7 400-468
JHD2000×3000 70-100 Φ2000×3000 17.7 480-560
JHD2500×3000 90-120 Φ2500×3000 17.7 600-700


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Drum Dryer Working Principle Drum Dryer Working Principle


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