Ore Powder Dryer

  • Capacity: 300-2000 t/d
  • Heat source: Biomass, natural gas, propane, diesel, coal, etc.

[ Application ]: Suitable for drying manganese ore, tailings, copper, fly ash, fluorite powder, slag, limestone, gold ore, iron ore, pyrite, clay, etc.


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Jiutian ore powder dryer is mainly used for drying materials within a certain humidity and particle size range. Such as manganese ore, tailings, copper, fly ash, fluorite powder, slag, limestone, gold ore, iron ore, pyrite, clay, etc. The moisture content of the dried material can reach below 5%. Widely used in mines, power plants, coal, building materials, chemicals, electric power and other industries.

Ore powder dryer is mainly composed of hot air furnace, belt conveyor, rotary drum dryer, belt conveyor, induced draught fan, cyclone dust collector, bag dust collector (or wet dust collector) and operation control system. The equipment adopts the fair current (or countercurrent) drying process. 


Working principle: After entering the drying drum, the wet materials are spitting into the following working areas: First, the material guiding zone. The ore powder enters this zone and contacts with high-temperature hot air to quickly evaporate water. Under the circumstance of the large lead angle guide plate, it is transferred to the next work area; the second is the copy board area. The mineral slag is the lifting flight drop and picks up in this area to form the material curtain state. At this time, the material in full contact with the hot blast. The moisture in the material slag is quickly evaporated and stripped into water vapor. The water vapor drawn away immediately by the induced draft fan to achieve the purpose of drying the mineral slag; the mineral slag is dried in this area to moisture content of less than 5% (or lower) In the loose state, after the heat exchange, the material reaches the required moisture state and enters the final discharge area. The third is the discharge area. The drum does not have a copy board in this area. The material is rolling in the area to the discharge port, completing the entire drying process.


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Equipment Output (T/D) Moisture content of raw material (%) Final moisture content (%) Total Power (kw) Spatial footprint (m²)
JTHG1916 300 20-30 <5 120 8*26
JTHG2218 500 20-30 <5 160 10*35
JTHG2520 700 20-30 <5 200 10*40
JTHG2820 1000 20-30 <5 290 12*40
JTHG3430 1500 20-30 <5 420 15*46
JTHG4032 2000 20-30 <5 500 15*50
Note: The production capacity of the equipment is directly related to the proportion of mineral slag to reduce the moisture, the precipitation ratio is large, and the equipment production capacity is reduced accordingly. Specific consulting firm.


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Ore Powder Dryer Working Principle Ore Powder Dryer Working Principle


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