Spent Coffee Grounds Dryer

  • Capacity: 1.5-12.1 t/h
  • Heat source: Biomass, natural gas, propane, diesel, coal, etc.

[ Application ]: Suitable for wood chips, wood powder, brewer's grains, cocoa residue, etc.


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The coffee grounds dryer can be used to process waste coffee grounds from coffee factories. The dried coffee grounds can be used as biomass pellet fuel. The coffee grounds dryer is also suitable for wood chips, wood flour, brewer's grains, cocoa residue, etc.

Process flow of coffee grounds dryer:

Raw material → feeder → heat source → dryer → discharger → induced draft fan → cyclone unloader → water bath dedusting and deodorizing device → waste gas exhaust and power distribution cabinet.

Working principle of coffee grounds dryer:

The heat source of the coffee grounds dryer comes from the supporting combustion device, and the dryer adopts a downstream heating method. The coffee grounds enter the barrel from the feeding device, and are pushed backward by the spiral flight board. Due to the inclined placement of the dryer, on the one hand, the material flows to the rear end under the action of gravity and rotation; on the other hand, the material is repeatedly picked up by the lifting board, brought to the upper end and then continuously sprinkled down, so that the material forms a uniform curtain in the cylinder. , to fully exchange heat with the hot air in the cylinder, as the material is repeatedly scattered, the moisture contained in it is gradually dried, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

Features of Jiutian coffee grounds dryer:

1. The self-insulation thermal efficiency of the cylinder is as high as 70% (the thermal efficiency of the traditional single cylinder drying is only 30%).

2. The tail transmission is adopted, and the transmission is more stable and reliable; it completely changes the phenomenon that the supporting wheel often slips and affects production.

3. Compared with the single cylinder dryer, it occupies about 50% less land, about 50% less civil construction investment, and 60% less power consumption.

4. A variety of circumferential lifting materials are combined and distributed to effectively control the drying time and achieve a good drying effect.

5. The desired final moisture index can be easily adjusted according to user requirements.

6. The material flow is controlled by frequency conversion, and the desired final moisture index can be easily adjusted according to user needs.

7. The whole system is equipped with material blocking alarm and anti-riot device.


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Model Input(t/h) Output(t/h) Evaporation Capacity(t/h) Initial Moisture(%) Final Moisture(%) Drying Temperature(℃) Total Power(kw) Total Weight(kg) Plant Area (m²)
JTSG1409 1.53 1.08 0.45 40±5 13% (Adjustable) 280±30℃ 34 22000 5m×15m
JTSG1615 2.89 2.03 0.85 45 28000 6m×22m
JTSG2008/3 5.2 3.67 1.53 78 40000 8m×16m
JTSG2010/3 6.63 4.68 1.95 90 45000 8m×18m
JTSG2210/3 7.24 5.11 2.13 105 50000 8m×20m
JTSG2510/3 8.91 6.29 2.62 125 60000 10m×20m
JTSG2512/3 10.5 7.41 3.09 140 68000 10m*24m
JTSG2912/3 12.14 8.57 3.57 155 76000 10m*24m


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Spent Coffee Grounds Dryer Working Principle Spent Coffee Grounds Dryer Working Principle


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