Shanxi coal slime dryer installation site

The coal slime dryer ordered by Shanxi customers from our company has been installed. After debugging, it can be officially put into production.

During the installation process of coal slime dryer, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

1. Equipment parts inspection: Before installation, check the parts, components, standard parts, random documents, etc. according to the equipment list to ensure that there are no missing parts, deformation or damage, etc.

2. Inspection of the installation site: Check whether the dryer is placed in a balanced position and whether the bearings have lost oil or are damaged. At the same time, check whether the fixing bolts of the bearing base are loose, and if so, tighten them.


3. Brake failure problem: If the coal slime dryer has brake failure problem, you should check whether the brake pads are worn too much and replace them in time.

4. Raw material catching fire: If the raw material in the dryer catches fire, it may be caused by improper operation by the technician. Therefore, technicians are required to be familiar with the operating instructions of the coal slime dryer and operate in strict accordance with the requirements. At the same time, the design of the dryer itself should also be considered. If necessary, negotiate with the manufacturer for replacement or modification.

5. Air leakage problem: If the material in the slime dryer cannot be sucked away, there may be an air leakage problem during installation. You need to find the cause and use the correct method to solve the problem.

6. Belt problems: If the belt is loose, falling off or broken during use, you should check the contact power of each switch, whether the fuse is blown, whether the motor is installed correctly, and whether the belt needs to be replaced with a new one.

In short, the installation of coal slime dryer requires professionals to operate and follow the installation guidelines and precautions provided by the manufacturer. Through correct installation and debugging, you can ensure that the equipment operates stably and achieves the expected drying effect.


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