Animal Waste Chicken Manure Dryer For Organic Fertilizer

Animal waste chicken manure dryer is the necessary equipment for making manure organic fertilizer. We all know that wet chicken manure cannot be used directly as fertilizer, because wet chicken manure will cause plant root necrosis. Jiutian rotary dryer is a special drying equipment for drying waste chicken manure. The chicken manure processed by our dryer can be directly used as organic fertilizer.

Animal waste chicken manure dryer

Advantages of Animal waste chicken manure dryer:

1. Raw material accumulation chicken manure organic fertilizer fermentation equipment - trough type compost turner and plate chain type compost turner. Realize the new design of one machine with multiple slots, effectively saving space and investment funds for chicken production manure organic fertilizer line refiner.

2. The new special pulverizer for dry and wet materials organic fertilizer - vertical pulverizer and horizontal pulverizer, the internal structure has chain type and hammer type. No sieve, even if the material is smashed out of the water, it will not be blocked.

3. New special feces dehydration machine - spiral type feces special dehydration machine, which can dehydrate quickly.

4. Rotary dryer - adopts three-layer drum structure, small footprint, high drying efficiency, and sufficient heat utilization.

5. Cooler—similar in shape to a dryer, but different in material and performance. The host of the dryer is made of boiler steel, and the host of the cooler is customized with carbon steel plate.

6. Deodorization and dust removal unit-professional deodorization tower uses carbon steel as material, anti-corrosion. The new cyclone dust collector and bag dust collector are used in combination, and the tail gas can be discharged directly.


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