Jiutian Ore Powder Three Drum Rotary Kiln Dryer Cost

Jiuitan ore powder dryer is mainly used for drying materials within a certain humidity and particle size range. Such as manganese ore powder, tailings powder, copper ore powder, fly ash, fluorite powder, water slag, clay, etc. The moisture content of the dried material can reach below 5%. Widely used in mines, power plants, coal, building materials, chemicals, electric power and other industries.

Jiuitan ore powder dryer working video:

Working principle of Jiutian mineral powder dryer

Mineral powder is first shoveled into the feeder by a forklift, and then evenly sent to the belt conveyor by the feeder, and then enters the inside of the dryer through the material guide pipe, and the heat generated by the combustion of fuel in the hot blast stove Under the action of the machine, the mineral powder enters the main machine and contacts with the mineral powder. The mineral powder is evenly dispersed and fully contacted with the hot air under the flipping of the evenly distributed lifting plates in the drying drum, which speeds up the heat transfer and mass transfer of the mineral powder drying, and evaporates water. . The mineral powder dryer produced by our company has a three-pass sealed structure, which can well reduce heat loss and improve thermal efficiency. The dried ore powder is discharged from the discharge hopper and transported to the designated place for storage. The upper part of the unloading hopper is the dust in the discharge process, which can achieve the purpose of environmental protection after being treated by the dust removal system.


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