How to maintain the straw dryer daily?

The daily maintenance of the straw dryer is very important to keep it running normally and prolong its service life. Below are some key maintenance steps.

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First of all, regularly clean the inlet, outlet and internal parts of the straw dryer. During use, the straw will produce dust and impurities, and if these accumulate at the inlet and outlet, it will affect the normal operation of the machine. Use a soft brush or blow dryer to remove accumulated dust and debris.

Second, keep the straw dryer well ventilated. Regularly check and clean the exhaust duct of the dryer to ensure smooth ventilation. If the exhaust duct is blocked, the heat cannot be discharged, which will affect the drying effect and may cause malfunction.

In addition, regularly check the electrical components and transmission parts of the dryer. Check whether the electrical circuit is worn or aged, and replace it in time if there is any problem. At the same time, check the lubrication of the transmission parts to ensure sufficient lubricant supply. If any normal damage or insufficient lubrication is found, it is important to repair or add lubricant in time.

Also, regularly clean and maintain your dryer heater. The heater of the dryer is one of the key components. Regularly check and clean the dust and impurities on the surface of the heater to ensure the normal operation of the heater. If a heater is subjected to excessive dust buildup, it will reduce heating efficiency and increase the risk of failure.

Finally, check and replace your dryer filter regularly. The function of the filter screen is to filter the dust and impurities generated during the drying process and prevent them from entering the machine. Regularly check the condition of the filter screen. If clogging or damage is found, clean or replace the new filter screen in time. Through regular maintenance and maintenance, the normal operation and efficient work of the straw dryer can be ensured. Remember, when operating and maintaining the dryer, be sure to follow the relevant safety operating procedures and instruction manuals to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


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