How to ensure the production efficiency of sawdust dryer?

  The sawdust dryer is a drying equipment for drying wet sawdust. For users, the production efficiency of sawdust dryers is a matter of concern to everyone. If we want to ensure the production efficiency of sawdust dryers, how should we operate?

sawdust dryer

1. Under the condition of ensuring the material performance and the normal operation of the sawdust dryer equipment, by increasing the heat supply, the airflow temperature in the sawdust dryer is increased, the way of material moisture evaporation is accelerated, the drying efficiency is improved, and the output is increased.

2. It can be realized by reasonably adding a lifting device in the sawdust dryer to increase the contact area between the material and the hot air flow.

3. For some relatively large temperature differences, especially in areas with lower temperatures, you can add heat preservation equipment to the sawdust dryer to reduce the preheating time and heat dissipation of the equipment, so that the heat in the limited space can be concentrated to a greater extent, increase the drying temperature and accelerate the drying of materials.

4. While ensuring the material flow speed, by reasonably adjusting the speed of the sawdust dryer, speed up the speed of the drum, increase the exchange speed between the material and the heat flow, and improve the drying efficiency. The length of the drum is also the main factor that affects the output. If the length exceeds the limited configuration, it will not only cause a waste of energy, but also reduce the drying efficiency. General users should pay attention to whether the length of the selected drum matches the drying capacity when selecting a model. It is generally carried out by professionals of the manufacturer. Good factory technicians will give a reasonable configuration plan according to the actual needs of users.

5. For some of our corporate users, the moisture content of the drying material is too large, and the drying effect of the sawdust dryer is not affected, and the excess water in the material can be removed by considering the addition of dehydration technology equipment, which reduces the evaporation of the water in the material. Reduce the evaporation time, make the work efficiency continue to improve, and increase the product output.

6. Under the premise that the particle size of some drying materials is too large, which affects the drying effect and working time, material crushing equipment can be added, so that the volume of the material is relatively reduced, the heat is relatively increased, the working time of the force is greatly increased, and the output is increased.

7. The quality of sawdust dryer is also the main factor affecting output. The equipment has a good sealing effect and the use of good thermal insulation materials can prevent heat loss during the drying process. At the same time, its collection effect is good. It can quickly collect dry materials and prevent materials from moving each other for a long time in the barrel, increasing drying time and reducing material quality. It is also relatively reliable in terms of heating, with stable heating, good heating performance, reasonable structure and equipment, ensuring product quality and output, and low energy consumption.

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