What are the adverse effects of the cylinder deformation of the rotary kiln?

Rotary kiln is one of the main calcining equipment used by most mining equipment manufacturers. It is a kind of thermal equipment, working under high temperature and heavy load, coupled with its own inclination, uneven temperature and different thermal expansion, it will deform, and the deformation has the characteristics of continuous positive and negative and repeated repetitions , there are 6 times in one turn. The refractory bricks of the kiln shell are rotated with the rotation of the shell by the action of the arch, and the curvature of the neutral surface is periodically increased and decreased with the rotation of the shell, and the range of change is intensified with the increase of the lateral deformation of the shell . The deformation of the cross-section of the cylinder is related to the three fulcrums of the rotary kiln, and is affected by the gap between the rolling ring and the cylinder.

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The size of the gap between the cylinder and the rolling ring directly affects the lateral deformation of the rotary kiln cylinder. A large gap will increase the deformation of the cylinder, increase the stress of the weld between the backing plate and the cylinder, cause fractures, shorten the service life of the refractory bricks, and increase the relative sliding between the rolling ring and the backing plate of the cylinder. Aggravate the wear of both, so that the gap is further increased. However, if the gap is too small, the expansion of the cylinder will cause interference, causing necking, large deformation of the cylinder, and increased stress on the rolling ring, which may cause the rolling ring to break in severe cases.

No matter what kind of deformation it is, it will cause the refractory bricks to loosen, distort and break in arrangement, resulting in a brick red kiln accident. In more serious cases, the cylinder will crack or even break, causing damage to the entire cylinder. Therefore, it is very important to master the changing law of the gap between the roller ring and the cylinder and its control technology for the daily management and maintenance of the rotary kiln.


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