Fly Ash Dryer(Coal Ash Dryer)

Fly Ash Dryer(Coal Ash Dryer)

  • Capacity: 300-3000 T/D
  • Heat source: Biomass, natural gas, propane, diesel, coal, etc.

[ Application ]: Widely used for drying fly ash, cpal ash, pond ash, river sand, slag, etc.


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Jiutian Drying Systems Fly Ash Dryer

Jiutian fly ash dryer adopts three-layer drum design, which is a special dryer for non-viscous, solid heavy materials developed and manufactured on the basis of single-cylinder dryer. It is a drying equipment that handles a large amount of materials, with reliable operation, large operation flexibility, strong adaptability and large processing capacity. Commonly used for drying fly ash, coal ash, pond ash, river sand, artificial sand, quartz sand, slag, etc. Widely used in building materials, chemical industry, foundry and other industries.

Coal Ash Dryer System Structure:1. Heat source system 2. Conveying system 3. Drying system 4. Dust removal system 5. Stock silo 6. Electric control system

Working Principle Of Coal Ash Drying System:

When the hot air temperature of the hot blast furnace reaches 350°C, each device starts to work under the instruction of the PC system. The wet material conveying equipment sends the wet coal ash with a water content of less than 20% into the dispersing feeder. The dispersing feeder has dual functions of dispersing and conveying, so that the material is evenly sent to the belt conveyor, and then enters the The storage bin, and then through the screw feeder, evenly sends the coal ash into the drying drum.

Advantages Of Fly Ash Dryer:

1. The equipment investment is low, and it is made of wear-resistant manganese plate, which is 3-4 times more wear-resistant than ordinary steel plates.
2. The initial moisture content of the material is 15%, and the final moisture content is guaranteed to be less than 3%. It is the first choice for various drying projects such as cement plant slag powder and dry powder mortar production line.
3. Compared with the traditional single-cylinder dryer, the thermal efficiency is increased by more than 40%.
4. The fuel can be applied to white coal, bituminous coal, coal gangue, oil and gas. It can bake block, granular and powdery materials below 20-40mm.
5. Compared with the single-cylinder dryer, the floor area is reduced by about 60%. The civil construction investment is reduced by about 60%, and the installation is convenient.
6. There is no air leakage phenomenon, which completely solves the difficulty of sealing.
7. When the discharge temperature is less than or equal to 60 degrees, it can be directly fed into the material warehouse without entering the cooling shed for cooling.
8. The temperature of the outer cylinder is less than or equal to 60 degrees, the temperature of the exhaust gas is less than 120 degrees, and the use time of the dust removal equipment bag is more than 2 times longer.


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Model(m) Output(t/h) Coal consumption(kg/t) Total power(kw)
River sand Fly ash Mineral slag
Φ2.0×2 4-5 2-3 3-5 12-14 5.5kw
Φ2.0×4 8-12 4-6 8-10 12-14 3kw×2
Φ2.0×5 12-15 6-7 10-13 10-12 4kw×2
Φ2.2×4.5 14-18 7-9 12-15 10-12 5.5kw×2
Φ2.5×6 23-28 10-13 20-22 10-12 5.5kw×4
Φ2.8×6 30-35 15-18 25-30 10-12 5.5kw×4
Φ3.0×6 35-40 18-20 32-35 8-10 7.5kw×4
Φ3.0×7 40-45 20-25 35-40 8-10 7.5kw×4
Φ3.2×7 45-50 25-30 40-45 8-10 11kw×4
Φ3.2×8 50-55 30-35 45-50 8-10 11kw×4
Φ3.6×8 60-70 35-40 60-65 6-8 15kw×4
Φ3.8×9 70-80 40-45 70-75 6-8 15kw×4
Φ4.0×10 90-100 45-50 80-90 6-8 18.5kw×4
Φ4.2×8.5 80-100 45-60 80-90 6-8 18.5kw×4


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Fly Ash Dryer(Coal Ash Dryer) Working Principle Fly Ash Dryer(Coal Ash Dryer) Working Principle


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